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#WhyIMarch: For All The Creative Women

“ARE YOU READY?” “Yeah, let’s do this.” My best friend and I boarded a bus at 5 am on Saturday morning bound for Washington, D.C. It was filled with many tired women, tired because it was 5 am and because the day before a man who stands for misogyny, bigotry, hatred, and greed was named the 45th President of the United States. We all slept [...]

Top 3 Anxiety Tips

ANXIETY IS THE most common psychological condition, but the great news is that it is also the most effectively treated. The cause and cure for anxiety are: the brain (an organ in our body) and the mind (the thoughts we can control). Below are three tips that can help us grow through our fears. 1. Facilitate Optimism. Our fear level is [...]

2017. The Year of the Wonder Women.

I believe in the story of Wonder Woman. I always have. Not the literal baby being made from clay story, but the metaphorical one. I believe in a story where a woman is the hero and not the victim. I believe in a story where a woman is strong and not weak, where a woman can fall in love with a man, but she doesn’t need a man, where a woman can [...]

Conversations with Creative Women — Interview

Your words, my voice. That’s what I do. I talk for a living. Recently I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Sandi Klein for her podcast Conversations with Creative Women. You know the old saying, time flies when you’re having fun? Well, it flew by during our recent sit-down.That’s what a skilled interviewer can do — make you feel [...]

Lawrence: A Cautionary Tale

AM I THE only one who finds it hard to believe summer is fading? Good news, though: the Boys of Fall are back! A couple days away from kicking off a brand new NFL season, it’s exciting to consider the possibilities. The next five months stretch out like a glorious blank canvas in front of us. Absolutely anything could happen! The Rams could [...]

My Small, Old Cuban Woman

WE ROUNDED THE corner of Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba, melting slowly as the heat bounced off the cobblestones onto our translucent skin. We had 15 minutes or so before our tour group was leaving for another excursion. Down another alley was a blue half door. I peered into the dimly lit room and came upon a magnificent painting of a woman [...]

Slut-Shaming Versus The Male Gaze

Am I a Slut-Shamer or just another feminist? THERE ARE A few photos of a nude Melania Trump being passed around the web. I consider them to be feminist viruses that scream “click me.” They are invading our Facebook pages and our psyches. These images are examples of the classic feminist concept called the Male Gaze, a term created by Laura [...]

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