Nailah Lymus

Nailah Lymus

Nailah Lymus is a 29 year old native New Yorker and devout Muslim fashion designer who not only started her own label, Amirah Creations, but in 2012, launched Underwraps, the first ever Muslim Modeling Agency.


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Chad Dougatz
Chad Dougatz
Chad Dougatz brings more than 20 years of radio and media experience to the show. Before working with Sandi Klein, Chad was a Senior Producer on numerous nationally syndicated radio programs, including The Rosie O’Donnell Show, The Governor David Paterson Show, and Mornings on Air America. Chad is also the owner of The Hangar Studios, an NYC audio production company, where he provides multi-media marketing and production solutions for authors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.
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