Donna Ferrato

Donna Ferrato

You’re in for a riveting, eye-opening, disturbing conversation with Donna Ferrato. The internationally acclaimed and awarding-winning photojournalist is behind the groundbreaking documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence. Her book, Living With the Enemy, went into 4 printings and along with exhibitions and lectures, sparked a national discussion on sexual violence and women’s rights. This is a conversation that should not be missed.

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    Pam Boling

    Donna is a hero! I could write a full article in response to this interview, but I’ll refrain. Great interview, both of you! I wish we could get the general public to recognize the signs of abuse in our friends/family so we can reach out, ask questions, encourage people to get help if they’re being abused. People are constantly telling me they don’t know anyone who’s in an abusive relationship. Yes, you do! You know more than one, I can almost guarantee. Statistics don’t lie. We all know someone. We just have to know how to see it and respond appropriately.

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