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Nicole Bryl

Meet the make up stylist of the stars behind Brooke Shields, Debra Messing, Naomi Watts, Melania Trump and more.

Sharon Katz

South African musician and social activist Sharon Katz was so inspired by Nelson Mandela's historic release from prison, bringing together 500 black, white, colored and Indian children to form the country's first ever multi-cultural and [...]

Yvonne Cassidy

Irish novelist Yvonne Cassidy loves to read and she loves to write. And for that we're grateful! The author of "The Other Boy, What Might Have Been Me", and "How...

Sabriye Tenberken

Meet Sabriye Tenberken, a woman who gives new meaning to activism and inspiration. Born in Cologne, Germany, she became blind at age 12. A trip to Tibet as a young adult ...

Wendy Crawford

In 1984, Wendy was a model on the rise until a collision with a drunk driver left her paralyzed. Eighteen years later she launched online magazine which offers support and a community for wheelchair-bound women like herself.

Pandora Scooter

Meet Queer-Mama-Sapien Pandora Scooter. She's been called the funniest atheist/Amerasian/dyke/spoken word artist you'll ever see and hear. Founder of Stand Up & Stand Out Productions, she's written a slew of one-woman shows. Her most recent, I [...]

Nancy Giles Returns

A return appearance for the wonderfully refreshing, no-holds barred actress/voice-over artist/commentator Nancy Giles...who, since 2002 has been sharing her views, comedic and cutting, on CBS Sunday Morning. Sit back and enjoy another [...]

Robin Rice

Author, social thought leader, innovator, Robin Rice doesn't believe in the status quo, especially when it's not working. And to that end, her company, Be Who You Are Productions, is behind a wide range of free creative social change projects [...]

Aleah Chapin

Aleah Chapin is one of a kind. The artist from Washington State, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, calls a woman's body a map of her journey through life. She makes sure to capture that map accurately in her portraits, that will either [...]

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