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Anna Cummins

Today's guest is the executive director of 5 Gyres, an organization which researches plastic pollution across the world's oceans and encourages communities to seek out solutions.

Keren Taylor

Never underestimate the power of a girl and her pen. It's that philosophy that propelled Keren to start WriteGirl, an non-profit literacy program for underserved 13 to 18 year old girls in the Los Angeles area.

Natasha Silver Bell

A former star athlete and 1996 Miss Michigan, Natasha moved to NYC to pursue modeling, but was derailed by addiction and an eating disorder. Today she is a Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist, helping substance abusers get back on track.

Jane Curley

This independent curator is responsible for the New-York Historical Society's special exhibit Madeline at 75 which celebrates the beloved children's book and its creator Ludwig Bemelsman.

Susan and Pamela Bob

It must be something in the DNA. Susan and her daughter Pamela discuss their respective careers as successful stage actors, each with on and off-Broadway credits to her.

Cindy Cooper

There's not a whole lot of down time for Cindy Cooper, awarding winning playwright, journalist and author. So far she's written 14 full length plays and several non-fiction books. As a journalist, Cindy writes frequently about social justice and [...]

Jessica Dermody and Lolita Brinkley

Meet Jessica Dermody, producer/director/writer and actress Lolita Brinkley. Their paths have come together in the production of Life Without Parole. The powerful 6-character play is based on the original transcripts and testimonies of inmates at [...]

Lorraine Rodriguez Reyes

Actress/Producer Lorraine Rodriguez Reyes has a lot to talk about: growing up in the Bronx, getting her MFA from Harvard, spending a semester at the Moscow Art Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training, auditioning, performing and landing [...]

Rebecca Parrish

Rebecca Parrish uses film and video to share the stories of real people, their struggles and their successes. An award-winning film-maker, based in Chicago, Rebecca is the director of Radical Grace. The documentary follows three amazing, [...]

Alex Buckley Voris and Maggie Jones Patton

Alex and Maggie believe that healthy bodies and healthy minds are connected, and learning to eat smart should be fun. It's those two beliefs that motivated them to create Bitsy's Brainfood, a healthy snack food company for kids.

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