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Aleah Chapin

Aleah Chapin is one of a kind. The artist from Washington State, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, calls a woman's body a map of her journey through life. She makes sure to capture that map accurately in her portraits, that will either [...]

Rachel Pasternak and Rachel Fisher

Meet the two filmmakers behind the documentary about a rabbi who encouraged Jews to leave Germany in the 1930s, later moving to America and becoming a major player in the Civil Rights Movement.

Lisa Anderson

In her more than 30 years working in broadcast, print and digital journalism, Lisa Anderson has covered a lot of territory from fashion to politics to war to terrorism ...

Gerri Chanel

Our guest's book tells the story of how the Mona Lisa, and the Louvre's other precious works of art, survived World War II and Hitler's henchmen.

Jenny Dixon

Jenny Dixon's arts career began in 1977 and has since has taken her all over New York City scene. Since 2003, she has been Director of the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City ...

Diane Muldrow

Billions of Little Golden Books have been sold since they were first introduced in 1942. As a child, Diane Muldrow, who was raised on them, told her mom that when she grew up she would 'make books like these.' She wasn't wrong!

Angela Bonavoglia

Angela Bonavoglia calls herself a bleeding-heart liberal, and has spent her career writing about and championing the cause of women, with particular emphasis on religious, social and health issues.

Kelsey Crowe

What if you found yourself faced with a life-altering situation with no resources, no one to lean on nor help you navigate those rough waters? That's exactly what happened to Kelsey Crowe when she was 21.

Carla Kaplan

Meet the author of 'Miss Anne in Harlem,' a book that spotlights a little-known group of white rebellious, romantic, risk-taking women who were part of the Harlem Renaissance.

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