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Welcome to Conversations with Creative Women, a pioneering podcast launched in 2012 by Sandi Klein, former longtime anchor at 1010 WINS All News Radio. Over the next decade, Sandi had fascinating conversations with nearly 500 women whose work and creativity intrigued her. They were women from all walks of life – artists, filmmakers, dancers, writers, activists, bodybuilders, chefs, cartoonists, environmentalists, geologists, comedians, teachers, musicians, and many more. She gave them each a platform to showcase their work, and loved doing it. Sadly, Sandi passed away in October, 2022. But she left behind this beautiful legacy of creative conversations you can listen to wherever you get your podcasts and on this website.

Meet all the creative women.



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American Dance Machine for the 21st Century Awarded $49,500 by NYSCA

February 27, 2022
Following New York State’s $105 million investment in the arts for FY2022, NYSCA has awarded more than $80 million since June 2021. In a joint statement, CWCW alum Nikki Feirt Atkins, ADM21 Founder and… Read More

Jane Golden talks to Yes! Magazine about why public art is good for cities

February 15, 2022
“We always say that art ignites change,” says CWCW alum Jane Golden, executive director of Mural Arts Philadelphia. “There is something deeply catalytic about the work.” To read the whole article, click… Read More

Architecture Digest says artist Grimanesa Amorós’s light sculpture is an ode to the streets of Mumbai

January 6, 2022
The large-scale, site-specific light sculpture at Mumbai’s BKC was inspired by CWCW alum Grimanesa Amorós‘s journey through India, specifically Mumbai. Click here to learn more about the exhibit, and then… Read More

PAFA’s Brodsky Center Presents New Editions by Resident Artists at E/AB Fair

November 22, 2021
The collaborative handmade paper- and printmaking center at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts publishes new works by CWCW alum Liz Collins and Sarah McEneaney. Liz Collins, one of this year’s Brodsky Center… Read More

An Artist Brings Light to Mumbai

November 22, 2021
Grimanesa Amoros’s Golden Array invites onlookers to reflect on connections through “the invisible trajectories of a wireless universe.” You can read all about the exhibit from our CWCW alum here at  And… Read More

Elephant Guides Friend Who Can’t See In Heartwarming Clip

October 22, 2021
Lek Chailert, founder of the Elephant Nature Park and the Save Elephant Foundation and CWCW alum, shared a video on Instagram of three elephants at the Elephant Nature Park. In her post, Lek, who… Read More



Nancy Giles

Actress, Writer, CBS Sunday Morning Contributor

Nancy Giles

Actress, Writer, CBS Sunday Morning Contributor
With the world in such turmoil, who better to navigate these troubled waters with, than past guest, Nancy Giles? You’re in for a powerful, honest and yes, hopeful conversation with the award-winning actress, voice-over artist, comedienne, writer and longtime CBS Sunday Morning contributor. Read More