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Category: Art

Architecture Digest says artist Grimanesa Amorós’s light sculpture is an ode to the streets of Mumbai

The large-scale, site-specific light sculpture at Mumbai’s BKC was inspired by CWCW alum Grimanesa Amorós‘s journey through India, specifically Mumbai. Click here to learn more about the exhibit, and then listen to our conversation with Grimanesa here.
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Dell Marie Hamilton – Interdisciplinary Artist, Writer, Curator

We’ve had the honor and privilege of having another conversation with the very creative, innovative and multi-talented artist Dell Marie Hamilton. She’s back to share her latest project for the ICA/Boston Foster Prize: “The End of Susan, The End of Everything.” The multi-media installation is an homage to her mentor…
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Darsie Alexander – Curator

For Darsie Alexander, it’s all about art. Since 2018, she has been Chief Curator at the Jewish Museum located on New York City’s famed Museum Mile. Founded in 1904, it’s the first institution of its kind in the US and one of the oldest Jewish Museums in the world. Darsie’s…
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An Artist Brings Light to Mumbai

Grimanesa Amoros’s Golden Array invites onlookers to reflect on connections through “the invisible trajectories of a wireless universe.” You can read all about the exhibit from our CWCW alum here at  And be sure to check out our conversation with Grimanesa here.
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Samantha Holmes – Sculptor / Visual Artist

Talk about a creative woman! Samantha Holmes is a sculptor / visual artist based in both the Bronx and Ravenna, Italy. Her work explores the impact of “distortion on patterns sourced from science, religion and art history.” She works in stone, metal and paper, creating intricate, lace-like sculptures – her…
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