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Category: Art

Debra Rapoport – Artist, Educator

I think it’s fair to say that no one holds a candle to New Yorker Debra Rapoport. She always loved dressing up – studying textile design and creating textiles that are body coverings, not apparel. Many of her designs are wearable accessories or hats from re-purposed materials. We know you’ll…
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Lake Buckley – Director, Illustrator, Teacher, Guest Speaker

Lake Buckley is yet another award-winning, creative woman. Her clients include Google, What’s App, Patagonia, and MTV, to name just a few. Her work has been described as “highly composed, conceptually sound, and delightfully strange.” Lake’s goal is to find clients and collaborators who share similar synergies in order to…
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Shirley Woodson – Artist, Educator, Advocate

Shirley Woodson made her artistic debut in 1960 and in the decades since, her brilliant and intensely colorful paintings have been exhibited here, there, and everywhere. And at 85, her first one-woman show at the prestigious Detroit Institute of Arts, which happens to be her hometown museum, is the talk…
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Jane Golden talks to Yes! Magazine about why public art is good for cities

“We always say that art ignites change,” says CWCW alum Jane Golden, executive director of Mural Arts Philadelphia. “There is something deeply catalytic about the work.” To read the whole article, click here. Then, listen to our conversation with Jane here.
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Architecture Digest says artist Grimanesa Amorós’s light sculpture is an ode to the streets of Mumbai

The large-scale, site-specific light sculpture at Mumbai’s BKC was inspired by CWCW alum Grimanesa Amorós‘s journey through India, specifically Mumbai. Click here to learn more about the exhibit, and then listen to our conversation with Grimanesa here.
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