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Except from “White Flag” by Judy Mandel

Lost in the Rain June 15, 2014 I am certain the photo on my computer screen is Cheryl, my sister Linda’s daughter. In some ways she looks the same. Her mother’s eyes, her father’s full round face, her thick hair like mine. But her eyes are empty, unfamiliar. What do…
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Warda: My Journey from the Horn of Africa to a College Education – An Excerpt

This is from the Ottawa Hills chapter of the book, “Warda: My Journey from the Horn of Africa to a College Education,” by Somali-American writer Warda Mohamed Abdullahi. While my father was getting the car and finding a job, my siblings and I were enrolled in…
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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

It is so exciting to see all the new children’s books coming out in recent years that feature Asian characters. When I was a child, I NEVER saw Asian people in books, and I was an avid reader! The only ones in our home with people who looked like me…
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Help Benefit Zainab Memorial School

Makeup Artist Khuraira Musa is raising money for a school she founded to benefit poor kids in her hometown in Nigeria. Dear Khuraira cosmetics clients, It has been 3yrs since our last fundraising for Zainab Memorial School. We started this noble cause in 2013. Together, we are educating over 150…
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Rainbow Sparkle and Graffiti

by Jess deCourcy Hinds I’m grateful that my recent New York Times Modern Love column, “Oh, Dewey, Where Would You Put Me?” has helped me connect with readers about the complexity of sexual identity. I’ve heard from people from all over the world — from the Bible Belt…
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