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Anne and Her Shadows

Originally published 2/10/2020 I have kept her photograph, which I purchased twenty-five years ago on my first trip to the Anne Frank House. I embarked on the narrow climb to the hiding place and later, the descent, and imagined all that had occurred in between.  I was attuned to the…
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#WhyIMarch: For All The Creative Women

Originally posted 1/24/2017 “ARE YOU READY?” “Yeah, let’s do this.” My best friend and I boarded a bus at 5 am on Saturday morning bound for Washington, D.C. It was filled with many tired women, tired because it was 5 am and because the day before a…
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Disappearing Landscapes in Louisiana: When Google Maps Can’t Catch Up

Originally posted 3/27/2017 WE’VE ALL BEEN there when Google Maps goes horribly wrong. We’re on our way out to dinner when it tells us to turn onto a ramp that doesn’t exist. Or we’re frantically trying to find an alternative route around the parking lot that is the highway…
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Sandi is Evergreen

Hello Everyone, It is with deep sadness that we share some news with you all. On Friday, October 14, at 8 pm, Sandi Klein died peacefully, surrounded by family. Sandi started this podcast several years ago and, in that time, has had so many inspiring conversations with so many different…
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An Important Message from Sandi Klein Show

Dear Beloved Conversations With Creative Women Community, With a heavy heart, we share some news with you all. Our tremendous host, who we all know and love – Sandi Klein – has been battling, and for nearly 15 years triumphing over, carcinoid syndrome, a devastating neuroendocrine cancer. She has lived…
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