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Category: International

Amal Ghandour – Author, Historian

Amal Ghandour has a lot on her mind. The author, historian, memoirist lives in Beirut and writes about what the experience has been like. And…there’s plenty to talk about both personally and politically. Her book, This Arab Life: A Generation’s Journey into Silence draws from Amal’s personal history, as well…
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Warda: My Journey from the Horn of Africa to a College Education – An Excerpt

This is from the Ottawa Hills chapter of the book, “Warda: My Journey from the Horn of Africa to a College Education,” by Somali-American writer Warda Mohamed Abdullahi. While my father was getting the car and finding a job, my siblings and I were enrolled in…
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Help Benefit Zainab Memorial School

Makeup Artist Khuraira Musa is raising money for a school she founded to benefit poor kids in her hometown in Nigeria. Dear Khuraira cosmetics clients, It has been 3yrs since our last fundraising for Zainab Memorial School. We started this noble cause in 2013. Together, we are educating over 150…
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Ann Hu – Filmmaker

Ann Hu’s personal story would make for a great bio pic. Knowing no one, she was among the first students to come to the U.S. from mainland China after the Cultural Revolution to attend college. After graduating from NYU, she made her mark in the business world, but eventually wound…
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Ekwa Msangi – Filmmaker

Director, screenwriter, producer, instructor – all describe Tanzanian-American filmmaker Ekwa Msangi, who divides her time between Kenya and New York. Her latest project and first feature film, is the award-winnIng and critically acclaimed FAREWELL AMOR. It tells the story of an Angolan immigrant, whose wife and daughter join…
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