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Category: LBGTQ

Nix Klein – STEM Student, Identifies as Agender and Lesbian

Nix is an eighth-grader at R.J. Grey Junior High School in Acton/Boxborough, Mass. They participate in Destination Imagination with their STEM Team. Nix is also on the swim team. They are applying to a technical high school to pursue their interest in multimedia engineering. You’re in for a ‘tell it…
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Jess deCourcy Hinds – Writer & Founding Library Director of Bard H.S. Early College

Jess deCourcy Hinds is a fiction/nonfiction writer and founding library director of the Bard H.S. Early College in Queens, N.Y. A New York Times Modern Love columnist, her writing has also appeared in Newsweek, Ms. Magazine, Literary Hub and Quarterly West. Jess, a queer feminist, is completing a novel about…
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Gearah Goldstein – Inclusion/Diversity Consultant

A nationally recognized expert on issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community, Gearah Goldstein works tirelessly to focus and highlight the importance of creating dialogue on race, gender, ethnicity, acceptance and understanding. Her transgender life experience encourages a positive learning environment that opens hearts and minds. This is…
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Revisit: Breanna Sinclaire, Opera Singer

Breanna Sinclaire’s life is the stuff operas are written about. She happens to be the only operatic soprano in the world who is transgender. Born in Baltimore, Breanna made her way west – graduating from the California Institute of the Arts where she earned a BFA and where her transition…
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Dr. Wang Newton, Drag King

You’re about to meet and get to know “Dr. Wang” Newton, a Taiwanese-born American performance artist, who specializes in the art of drag or ‘drag king’ performance. Assigned female at birth, Dr. Wang is gender-fluid and offers social commentary on culture and politics with comedic jabs. This is one open, honest…
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