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Category: Mental Health

Luz y Ligera Project

Luz y Ligera Project is a response to the unifying experience of COVID-19 and celebrates the feelings and experiences that have remained consistent through space and time. Many of us, some for the first time, are feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, uncertainty and loss of freedom – a heavy…
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Nora McInerny – Author, Humorist, Podcast Host

Here comes another accomplished, creative, woman. Nora McInerny is an author, humorist, podcast host, founder of the non-profit, Still Kickin’.  Her most recent novel, BAD MOMS, is based on the 2016 blockbuster movie of the same. Her memoirs, IT’S OKAY TO LAUGH and NO HAPPY ENDINGS, chronicle 2014, when in the…
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Claudia Coenen – Grief Counselor, Author, Teacher

In these unprecedented times, who better to have a conversation with then a Certified Grief Counselor? Claudia Coenen, who has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, is the author of 2 books:  “The Creative Toolkit for Working with Grief and  Bereavement: A Practitioner’s Guide” and – “Shattered by Grief: Picking up…
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Dr. Anne Fishel – Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, Professor

You’re about to meet one amazing, accomplished, committed woman who really is making a difference in the world. Not only is Dr. Anne Fishel a clinical psychologist, family therapist, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Family and Couple Therapy Program at Mass General, she’s…
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Dr. Marika Lindholm, Sociologist, Entrepreneur, & Writer

Did you know there are 15 million single moms living and working in the U.S? Dr. Marika Lindholm is certainly familiar with that statistic.  She raised 2 children on her own after going through a divorce. Marika, who has a doctorate in sociology and taught at Northwestern for more than…
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