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Category: Science

Jessica Harrop – Head of Development and Production at Sandbox Films

It’s not often we see a woman’s name next to the title: Head of Development and Production. But that’s exactly what Jessica Harrop does for Sandbox Films, a new mission-driven documentary company. An Emmy-nominated filmmaker in her own right, Jessica has dedicated her career to making movies that…
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March For Science: Reflections From AGU President-Elect Robin Bell

Editor’s Note: The American Geophysical Union (AGU) will be sharing reflections on the March for Science from AGU leaders. This is part two of three. Click here for part one and part three.   AS I STEPPED onto the train to Washington, D.C., I immediately sensed a palpable science vibe throughout the…
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Victoria Herrmann, Climate Change Expert

Victoria Herrmann's a woman on a mission - and what a mission it is. The 25 year old climate change specialist is a Bill and Melinda Gates Cambridge University Scholar and PhD student at the Scott Polar Research Institute. She also happens to be the Managing Director of the Arctic Institute, an inter-disciplinary, independent think tank made up of young professionals who work from locations around the world and who represent expertise in many different disciplines. When it comes to saving the planet, our conversation with Victoria is one you absolutely CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS.
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ReFED releases report on solutions to food waste

REFED, A REDUCING food waste coalition, released a report, “A Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste By 20 Percent.” It details 27 different practices that prevent, rescue, or recycle food waste. To find out more information about…
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Bolor Minjin

Meet the Mongolian paleontologist who has made protecting and preserving the fossil heritage of the Gobi desert her mission in life.
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