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Chelsea Pace, Intimacy Choreographer

Until relatively recently, the profession of intimacy coordinator in film and theater was virtually non-existent. But in the years since #MeToo, it’s become much more in demand. You’re about to meet and get to know intimacy choreographer Chelsea Pace, who is also a movement specialist, co-founder and head faculty of…
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Liz Lerman Shares Her “Me Too” Moment, Keynotes Women, Dance Leadership Conference

OVER 200 CHOREOGRAPHERS and dancers from 38 countries descended on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in late January for the second-ever Women in Dance Leadership Conference, the brainchild of choreographer, dance educator, and film producer Sandra Shih Parks. Hosted by NYU Tisch School of the Arts…
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I Shouldn’t Have to Tell My #MeToo Story, But I Want To

I DIDN’T WANT to share a #MeToo story because I shouldn’t have to. The thousands of women and men who made the difficult choice to do so on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in op-eds, in blogs, in therapy offices, in intimate settings with friends, in…
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