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Yilian Canizares’ Playlist Part 2

The creative power of women has no limits. Through this playlist I want to share with you a little bit of the wonderful impact we women have on the world. Enjoy the sweetness, magic and fire of these 9 female voices from around the world. Here the list of the artists and songs featured: Rokia Traoré – « Dounia » Lianne la Havas – [...]

Luz y Ligera Project

Luz y Ligera Project is a response to the unifying experience of COVID-19 and celebrates the feelings and experiences that have remained consistent through space and time. Many of us, some for the first time, are feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, uncertainty and loss of freedom – a heavy burden. Because of this pressure and vulnerability [...]

What Loneliness Has Taught Me

No matter how strong a sense of self you have, loneliness can take over – especially during difficult times. But you can come out of it stronger than when you went in.   When my boyfriend of three years and I broke up, I moved into a new apartment with three other women. During my first night, I dreamt about him. We were laying in [...]

Playlist « 100% Female Excellence »

Singer, violinist, composer Yilian Cañizares performs all over the world…and she has chosen to share with you, the CWCW listener, the music of these talented, creative women to help us navigate these un-chartered waters.  Thank you, Yilian!   What would we do without music? It is precisely at times like these when fear and [...]

Anne and Her Shadows

I have kept her photograph, which I purchased twenty-five years ago on my first trip to the Anne Frank House. I embarked on the narrow climb to the hiding place and later, the descent, and imagined all that had occurred in between.  I was attuned to the voices of visitors speaking other languages as I looked out a window and considered the [...]

Why Does The Last Cruise End That Way?

For some reason, probably because they echoed my anxieties about the larger world, I became obsessed a few years ago with news stories about cruises going awry—a nasty ship-wide norovirus outbreak on the high seas, or an engine room fire knocking out power and stranding a ship for 5 days off the coast of Mexico with no refrigeration or air [...]

Why I Write

I write to satisfy a fundamental need. I started writing within a couple of weeks after undergoing my third (and hopefully last) brain surgery. Initially, my motivation was to understand the new and inexplicable world that surrounded me, and to understand this new person I was becoming. I wrote to help loved ones recognize how and why my brain [...]

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