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Emily Mann adapts Tennessee Williams for the stage

McCarter Theatre's artistic director co-adapted Williams' Baby Doll, a 1956 film, for the stage. The production runs through Oct. 11. More...
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‘When Voices Meet’ pulls the sweep

The documentary about musician Sharon Katz, who dared to establish a multiracial children's choir in Apartheid-era South Africa, nabbed three awards at the World Music & Independent Film Festival in DC.
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‘Radical Grace’ to screen in Columbus

OHIOANS: Rebecca Parrish's new doc Radical Grace, which details the struggles of three nuns condemned for promoting feminism, an act denounced by the Vatican as radical, opens at Columbus's Gateway Film Center on Fri, Sept. 5.
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Little Golden Books strike, well, gold

Little Golden Books, under Editorial Director Diane Muldrow, partnered with Disney to release a Star Wars series, the first of which, The Phantom Menace, hit shelves late last month.
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Aiesha Turman

Educator, writer, storyteller, filmmaker, artist, activist, mentor, mom -- Aiesha Turman is a force to be reckoned with. Tired of not seeing positive images of black women and girls in the media, Turman decided to take matters into her own hands. She founded Super Hussy Media and The Black Girl Project.
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