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Category: Environment

Victoria Herrmann profiled in the Jewish Standard

FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR of the Arctic Institute, Victoria Herrmann, is an activist deeply committed to helping indigenous communities adapt to changing climate. Read the Jewish Standard’s profile of Victoria…
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Victoria Herrmann one of the 2017 Innovation Prize Awardees

OUR PAST GUEST, Victoria Herrmann is the recipient of the Innovation Prize from the JM Kaplan Fund. It will support a 2018 climate change and cultural adaptation project. And Victoria has been included in this year’s list of Forbes’ 30 Under…
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Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Actress/Producer

Rebecca Harrell Tyckell's acting career began at a very young age. She went from performing in school plays in Vermont to New York, where at the tender of age of 9, she got a starring role in the Christmas movie classic Prancer. It was on to L.A. and more film and tv roles. In 2007 she moved from acting to pursue her dream of combining environmental activism, filmmaking and production. She and her future husband Josh Tyckell joined forces and through their company Green Planet Productions, have made several documentaries that focus on social causes. We cover a lot of ground in our conversation with this creative, committed, passionate woman.
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Women in the arts discuss climate justice

AS PART OF the National Museum for Women in the Arts’ Fresh Talk series, Ruth Little, Miranda Massie, Jacqui Patterson, and Laura Turner Seydel join forces to answer the…
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Scientists find a river flowing upstream

ROBIN BELL, RESEARCH Professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University tells us a river flowing uphill beneath an ice sheet has been located in Antarctica in the Gamburtsev Mountains. A study published in the journal…
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