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Category: Tech

Shelley Bernstein moves to the Barnes Foundation

THOM COLLINS, Executive Director and President of the Barnes Foundation announces the appointment of Shelley Bernstein, new Chief Experience Officer and Deputy Director for Digital Initiatives. Shelley, formerly Vice Director of Digital Engagement and Technology at the…
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A new Gmail plug in, “Just Not Sorry,” helps people avoid apologetic language

CYRUS INNOVATION is out with an easy-to-download plug-in for Gmail called “Just Not Sorry.”  It highlights words that undermine messages – eg., just, sorry, actually. It’s a way for people, especially women, to break away from their ‘apologetic’ nature and encourage them to use more precise language. Download…
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Five women who reinvented themselves (and the world)

We were born for reinvention — to remake our lives, to bring back and revive our true purpose and potential. We are here to be changed and to make change, not remain static. If you are feeling the urge to reinvent, here is some inspiration from five powerful women in business who reinvented their careers and lives.
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Caren Merrick

Meet the basement entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist.
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Beth Anderson

Beth Anderson has been with since the beginning. Beth, Executive Vice President and Publisher, describes what it's like behind the scenes at the world's largest creator of audiobooks. She was the company's 11th hire back in 1996 and today, Audible boasts a staff of close to 1000 worldwide.
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