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Tag: children’s books

Zetta Elliott is out with a new book for spring

AUTHOR ZETTA ELLIOTT is out with a new novelette for spring titled, “Mother of the Sea.” It tells the story of a teenage girl finds herself on a brutal journey to the coast of Africa and across the Atlantic after her village is raided. Click…
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Zetta Elliott is out with another book

CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR Zetta Elliott continues her City Kids Series with The Ghosts in the Castle. “In the era of Harry Potter,” says Zetta, “The Ghosts in the Castle offers children important context for understanding…
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Zetta Elliott is out with a new book for the holidays

ZETTA ELLIOTT, our past guest has been working tirelessly to introduce characters of color through her numerous children’s books. Let the Faithful Come, released just in time for the holidays, focuses on the retelling of the traditional Christmas story. Last month, Zetta was featured…
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