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Angela Bonavoglia talks Athena Film Festival with Women’s Media Center

THE ATHENA FILM Festival, which is co-founded by Barnard’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies and Women and Hollywood, a leading website advocating gender diversity in Hollywood and the global film industry, is the only festival in the…
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The Mary Sue has a list of the great 2015 female characters you may have missed

WE HAVE A long way to go when it comes to the staggering underrepresentation of strong female characters in film, but The Mary Sue has compiled a list of “7 Great Female Characters of 2015 You May Have Missed.” Our past guest, Melissa Silverstein has extensive experience in…
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Melissa Silverstein brings gender inequality discussion to Birkbeck College in London

MELISSA SILVERSTEIN is bringing the conversation of gender inequality in Hollywood to London with a discussion at Birkbeck College of the University of London. The talk, “The Status of Women in Hollywood” will take place on Dec. 3rd from 2 pm to 4…
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