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Tag: huffington post

Aleah Chapin’s ‘Body/Being’ exhibit at Flowers Gallery begins May 12th

ARTIST ALEAH CHAPIN’s solo show, Body/Being premiers at New York City’s Flowers Gallery. Aleah told Huffington Post that the exhibition is a series of monumentally-scaled nudes that navigate the boundaries of gender…
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Siri appears on Oprah

THE VOICE OF Siri, Susan Bennett appeared on Oprah Winfrey‘s show, Where Are They Now? over the weekend. That was followed by an interview with the Huffington Post to get to know the…
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The Huffington Post releases new piece on domestic violence victims

THIS MONTH, the Huffington Post published a detailed exposé on victims who have lost their lives this year to domestic violence, which you can read here. Many of our past guests have been working on…
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