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Kate Clinton thinks “You could use a laugh”

KATE CLINTON IS out with a short blog piece to get everyone excited for her new show,  “Knock Knock. Who’s There? Zombie Apocalypse.” The show is June 9th at 7 p.m. at the Studio Theatre and you can get your tickets…
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The Washington Blade to host Kate Clinton for DC Pride Weekend

AWARD-WINNING COMEDIAN Kate Clinton will present her show, Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Zombie Apocalypse! at Studio Theatre on June 9th at 7 pm. You can buy your tickets on the Washington Blade…
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Kate Clinton is still chanting after the Women’s March

KATE CLINTON’S LATEST video on The Progressive is titled, Resisterhood! She talks about her experience at the Women’s March in Washington and what’s coming next. Click here to watch the video and then check out our conversation with Kate…
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Kate Clinton to officiate largest lesbian wedding

ALLI BALDWIN AND Ilene Mitnick are trying to set a new world record for the “World’s Largest All-Girl Wedding and Renewal Ceremony.” The event takes place Oct. 15th during Provincetown’s Women’s Week celebration. Past guest Kate Clinton will officiate. For more…
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Women’s Week is back in Provincetown

THE 32ND ANNUAL Women’s Week Festival in Provincetown, Massachusetts is taking place Oct. 7th to 16th and will feature performances by our past guest Kate Clinton, along with Lily Tomlin, Karen Williams, Kate Ferber, and others. Proceeds from…
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