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Tag: Liz Collins

Textile Artist Liz Collins has a new exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design

Playing with the texture and color of various materials, Liz Collins‘ art uses black craft paper and textiles to create an array of effects. It is on display at the Museum of Art and Design at 2 Columbus Circle in New York City through March 17,…
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Liz Collins curates at the Bureau of General Services, Queer Division

Textile artist Liz Collins is curating at the Bureau of General Services — Queer Division and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, running June 14th through September 16th. She told The Cut…
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Liz Collins featured on Artsy

ARTIST LIZ COLLINS was featured in Andrew Gardner’s latest piece for Artsy titled, “How a Revolution in ‘Ugly’ Design Is Upending Conventions of Beauty.” He describes Liz as an American designer who…
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Party with Artist Liz Collins and See Her New Installation at the New Museum

THERE IS A party to celebrate the closing of Artist Liz Collins’ Energy Field installation for the Tang Museum on Friday, Sept. 8th. Click here to check out the…
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Liz Collins invited to the SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York City

LIZ COLLINS, A New York City-based artist, textile, fashion designer and teacher, has been invited to do an installation in the SPRING/BREAK Art Show, which opened March 1st. SPRING/BREAK Art Show is New York City’s curator-driven art fair during Armory Arts…
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