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Dana Gunders of the NRDC has come up with 5 weird ways to fight food waste

DANA GUNDERS HAS five weird tips to reduce your food waste and help save the environment like putting strawberries on a single layer on a tray or aerated container with a cloth or paper towel in-between layers because they can last a few extra days if they’re not…
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Dana Gunders explains why cities are critical for the war on food waste

DANA GUNDERS OF the Natural Resources Defense Council told The Atlantic’s CityLab that the NRDC is working on a cities toolkit that they’re hoping to release next year, and that “cities are a…
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Dana Gunders visits MUNCHIES Test Kitchen

DANA GUNDERS, author of the Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook and Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council is making the rounds to raise awareness of food waste. She visited the…
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Dana Gunders has suggestions to eliminate food waste

MARY H. J. FARRELL of Consumer Reports has put together a list of suggestions and strategies strategies from Dana Gunders, author of “Waste Free Kitchen Handbook” and “Wasted,” and a staff…
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The NRDC releases video on “The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry”

IF YOU’VE EVER wondered how food makes it from the farm to the garbage, the Natural Resources Defense Council has a story for you. This month, they have released a video that documents a strawberry’s journey from farm to trash can…
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