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Tag: photography

Donna Ferrato’s work to be featured in Loculars show, NYC Street

FROM THE DYSTOPIAN landscape of Willets Point to the singular beauty of Tribeca, Loculars presents, through NYC Street, the works of six accomplished New York photographers who have found passion in exploring a unique patch of the…
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সময় ক্যাপসুল দেশ, “The Time Capsule Country”

WHEN I FOUND out I was going to Kolkata, I was terrified. The rumors of being placed at gunpoint and of sex trafficking sent chills down my spine. I still agreed to go. At first we were going to go for my dad’s documentary on former sex trafficking victims who learned…
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Donna Ferrato’s photography to be featured at the Paulander NYC this month

DONNA FERRATO, along with two other photographers — Elliott Landy and Frank Rocco — will showcase their work on January 27th at 6:30 pm at the Paulander NYC. The intimate showing titled, “Projections,” is presented by The PhotoCloser and is free and open to all.
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