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Tag: sarah klein

Redglass Pictures teamed up with Neil deGrasse Tyson for Science Video

REDGLASS PICTURESS’S LATEST film features Neil deGrasse Tyson discussing what he calls “the most important words he has ever spoken.” The film is by Tom Mason and Sarah Klein. Check out the video here…
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Digital series by Redglass Pictures named a Webby Award honoree

REDGLASS PICTURES’ digital series for PBS, “The Story of Cancer,” has been named a Webby Awards Honoree. David-Michel Davies, Executive Director of The Webby Awards said, “Honorees like Redglass Pictures are…
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Redglass Pictures new short film “How to Win an Election” featured in NYTimes Opinion Pages

SARAH KLEIN AND Tom Mason of Redglass Pictures aired their short documentary on how the art of storytelling has helped swing elections on the New York Times Op-Docs section. The timely film features veteran Political Strategist Mark McKinnon and “reveals the secret narrative formula for election success that has seduced voters…
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Redglass Pictures releases a new short about George Saunders

REDGLASS PICTURES has announced a new short film for series on storytelling titled, “George Saunders: On Story.” The film, executive produced by Ken Burns, courtesy of PBS, lays out Saunders’ process for crafting a good story and what that means for himself and his audience. Check out the Redglass…
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