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Bustle says you need to read Ana Castillo’s “So Far From God”


ANA CASTILLO, ONE of the most celebrated voices in contemporary Chicana literature, recently released her latest novel So Far From God. Four sisters living in modern-day New Mexico, offer their own perspective of Chicana life following some unexplained miracles. Bustle called it, “a novel that’s deeply connected to the social issues of our time, a novel that refuses to give simple answers to tough questions, and a novel that amplifies the voices of the women we too often don’t hear about.”

To read the rest of Bustle’s take on this gifted book, click here and then check out our interview with Ana here.

Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault is the Web Editor and Social Media Specialist for Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women.

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