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Check Out The Construction of the Impossible / Escenario Liquido in Cuba

The 13th Havana Biennial, the largest visual arts event in Cuba, will be held from April 12 to May 12, 2019, with the commitment that the capital city of the island become a “cultural corridor” in which the creators and the public interact, announced their organizers today. Under the…
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Party with Artist Liz Collins and See Her New Installation at the New Museum

THERE IS A party to celebrate the closing of Artist Liz Collins’ Energy Field installation for the Tang Museum on Friday, Sept. 8th. Click here to check out the…
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Aleah Chapin’s work featured in Forum Gallery exhibition

FORUM GALLERY IS hosting an exhibition titled, “Seeing With Our Own Eyes” at its New York venue where work from various artists – including our past guest Aleah Chapin – will be displayed. Click…
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My Small, Old Cuban Woman

WE ROUNDED THE corner of Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba, melting slowly as the heat bounced off the cobblestones onto our translucent skin. We had 15 minutes or so before our tour group was leaving for another excursion. Down another alley was a blue half door. I peered into the dimly…
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Aleah Chapin’s work to be featured at The Lightbox Gallery

OUR PAST guest, Aleah Chapin, along with several other talented artists will have their work featured as part of the Ingram Collection: Bodies exhibit at The Lightbox Galley in Surrey, United Kingdom. The exhibit, which shows the human figure in its various…
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