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Tag: new york city

Dead Darlings is back and features Ashley Nicole Black this month

DEAD DARLINGS, IS a monthly New York City Salon where New York City personalities perform, read, sing a piece of their work that wound up on the cutting room floor. This month’s event is hosted by Amanda Duarte and…
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ProjectArt benefit with work from Grimanesa Amoros

PROJECTART, AN ORGANIZATION dedicated to bringing art education across New York City through after school programs, is hosting a benefit on April 28th at 6:30pm. “My Kids Could Do That” will feature works from artist Grimanesa Amoros and many others. For…
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Agunda Okeyo appears on Democracy Now! following election

KENYAN-AMERICAN ACTIVIST and writer Agunda Okeyo spoke in front of a crowd of protesters outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City. Her speech appeared during headlines on Democracy Now! To see the video, click…
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Melanie Breault’s Apartment That Saved Her Life (Bonus Content)

Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women is excited to offer bonus content from our contributors. First out, our own social media master Melanie Breault offers her true-life story of a New York City apartmnt she credits with saving her life. It's a story of heartache, loss, and creating family in the unlikeliest of places.
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The Year to Cheer for Women’s Rights

IN 1968, WHEN I was in college, I got my first camera. It was a small, cold machine that felt incredibly powerful — not like a gadget or a tool, but like a grenade, with the power to blow the lid off something big. By the early 1980s, I was…
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