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Tag: social justice

Melanie Breault – Social Justice Communications Manager, Website & Social Media Specialist

Melanie Breault has been the Web and Social Media Specialist for Conversations with Creative Women since 2015. However, her professional life also includes social justice issues – supporting non-profit organizations as they build their profiles to expand their reach and make the world a better place. We cover a lot…
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REVISIT Heather Booth – Organizer and Activist

For the last podcast of the year, we are revisiting our conversation with Heather Booth. Heather is a force to be reckoned with and that’s a very good thing! She is one of the country’s  leading strategists when it comes to progressive issue campaigns and driving issues in elections. Heather’s…
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It Took A Creative Woman To Help Me Find My Way Again

Instead of watching the State of the Union speech, I went to the theater and saw Gloria: A Life, written by Emily Mann, the award-winning director and playwright and a past guest on Conversations…
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