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WBMBPodcast in Residence Program at Saks Fifth Avenue


The WBMBPodcast in Residence Program will take place at Saks Fifth Avenue on October 3rd. Come for music, drinks, food, networking and live podcasting with Jodi Katz, Founder & Creative Director of Base Beauty Creative Agency and her guest Eric Buterbaugh, a world-renowned floral designer and fragrance expert with a gorgeous shop-in-shop on Beauty on 2. Check out his IG to see his many creations and famous friends. The event is free and is from 6-8 pm.  RSVP required:

Also be sure to check out our conversation with Jodi here.

Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault is the Web Editor and Social Media Specialist for Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women.

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