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Yilian Canizares’ Playlist Part 2

Yilian Canizares’ Playlist Part 2


Yilian Cañizares Playlist part 2

The creative power of women has no limits. Through this playlist I want to share with you a little bit of the wonderful impact we women have on the world. Enjoy the sweetness, magic and fire of these 9 female voices from around the world.

Here the list of the artists and songs featured:

  1. Rokia Traoré – « Dounia »
  2. Lianne la Havas – “Paper Thin »
  3. Eme Alfonso – « Libre »
  4. You Sun Nah – « Momento Magico »
  5. Natacha Atlas – « Oasis »
  6. Silvia Perez Cruz – « Mechita » 
  7. Yilian Cañizares – « Yemayá »
  8. Elina Duni – « I’m a fool to want you »
  9. Banda Magda – « Amour, t’es là? »

Also be sure to check out our conversation with Yilian Canizares here and her other beautiful playlist she shared with us earlier this year on Female Excellence here.

Yilian Canizares
Yilian Canizares
You are about to meet and get to know Yilian Cañizares, a truly fascinating, unique, multi-talented violinist, vocalist and composer who makes beautiful music by artfully blending jazz, classical and her Afro-Cuban roots with her unique voice. Yilian’s songs range from the poignant to the exuberant. Her warmth, enthusiasm and honesty are palpable and….contagious. You’ll be hooked!

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