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New book embraces neurological differences


BARB RENTENBACH IS the co-founder and CEO of Mule and Muse Productions, star of the podcast Loud Mute Radio, and co-creator of The Greater Living Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to serving neurodiverse individuals. She has partnered with our past guest, Lois Prislovsky, who holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and runs a private practice as President of Psychoeducational Network. They co-wrote a new book that sheds light on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), dyslexia, and other neurological differences as natural human variations with their own challenges and strengths. Neurodiversity is now available on Amazon.

For more information, click here and then listen to our conversation with Lois here.

Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault is the Web Editor and Social Media Specialist for Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women.

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