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Tag: donald trump

Past CWCW guests weigh in on the election

OVER THE LAST few weeks, everyone has been processing and sharing their feelings about the election. Past guests Nancy Giles wrote, “Time to get to work” for CBS Sunday Morning. Alexis…
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Valerie Steele interviews Michael Gabellini for Surface

FIT MUSEUM DIRECTOR and curator Dr. Valerie Steele discussed simplicity and Donald Trump’s style with architect and designer, Michael Gabellini. In the interview Valerie asked, “I’m reminded of these pictures I saw of Trump building interiors. Which I’m sure Donald Trump thinks are luxurious.
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Slut-Shaming Versus The Male Gaze

Am I a Slut-Shamer or just another feminist? THERE ARE A few photos of a nude Melania Trump being passed around the web. I consider them to be feminist viruses that scream “click me.” They are invading our Facebook pages and our psyches. These images are examples of the classic feminist…
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HRC and TAC team up with American Apparel to ‘Make America Gay Again’

Just in time for LGBTQ Pride Month, American Apparel, Human Rights Campaign and The Ally Coalition have launched “Make America Gay Again,” a campaign that supports LGBTQ…
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The Politics of Penis Power

A WOMAN COULD win the presidency and men are determined to show us she doesn’t possess the right stuff, literally, a penis. Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are comparing penis size in their run for the presidency.  What a difference Hillary has made in the 2016 race. A woman could…
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