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A few days left to contribute to Vicious Women by Jennifer Lee

JENNIFER LEE’S NEW film, Vicious Women, is a documentary about an Atlanta lesbian couple fighting to save the environment in their rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. There are still a few days left to contribute to their kickstarter campaign. Click…
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Jennifer Lee spoke at UCW Professional Development Conference

AWARD-WINNING FILMMAKER, author, and Hollywood visual effect producer and editor, Jennifer Lee, gave the keynote address at Arizona State University’s University Career Women Conference Aug. 5th. She also ran a workshop titled, “Women’s History Is American History…
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Slut-Shaming Versus The Male Gaze

Am I a Slut-Shamer or just another feminist? THERE ARE A few photos of a nude Melania Trump being passed around the web. I consider them to be feminist viruses that scream “click me.” They are invading our Facebook pages and our psyches. These images are examples of the classic feminist…
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Pakistani women come to LA for “Consciousness Raising” trip

EIGHT ISLAMIC FEMALE students are in Los Angeles to attend “Consciousness Raising of Pakistani Women on Contemporary Academic and Social Issues 2016.” The trip, funded by the U.S. State Department, involves panel discussions on a range of topics, including media images of women, fashion, creating green urban…
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Why Are British feminists being called Islamophobes?

“WE ARE IN the ISIS era.” Houzan Mohammed, a Kurdish woman who is a representative of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, made that proclamation at the recent Feminism in London conference. She was on a panel of four feminists called, “Unlikely Allies: Religious Fundamentalism and the British State,” that…
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