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#WhyIMarch: For All The Creative Women

Originally posted 1/24/2017 “ARE YOU READY?” “Yeah, let’s do this.” My best friend and I boarded a bus at 5 am on Saturday morning bound for Washington, D.C. It was filled with many tired women, tired because it was 5 am and because the day before a…
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‘Elderhood’: A Necessary Look at Embracing Aging in All its Stages

I wonder if Madonna, 60, thinks of herself as old. I’m guessing probably not, but maybe she should. Think of how much she might contribute to the discussion about what it means to age, to grow older well, and how we can facilitate that for all of us, not just…
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The Resurgence of Women of a Certain Age in Arts & Entertainment

ALTHOUGH HILLARY CLINTON may not have broken that glass ceiling in November, we nevertheless are seeing a surge in women of a certain age breaking new boundaries and shattering records. However, politics and culture don’t always follow the same trajectory.  Pop music singers, Broadway divas…
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