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The Pride says you need to check out Buffering the Vampire Slayer Podcast


THE PRIDE, THE Los Angeles LGBTQ newspaper, says there are two new podcasts you need to check out, one of them is co-hosted by our past guest, Kristin Russo. Kristin and her wife Jenny Owen Youngs get together each week to talk about the mysteries of the Buffy-verse through a deep dive into 90’s culture, feminism, and one of the first specifically queer-coded shows many of us were exposed to as kids.

Read The Pride’s take on Buffering the Vampire Slayer here and then be sure to listen to our podcast episode with Kristin here.

Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault
Melanie Breault is the Web Editor and Social Media Specialist for Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women.

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