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Tag: sexual harassment

I Shouldn’t Have to Tell My #MeToo Story, But I Want To

I DIDN’T WANT to share a #MeToo story because I shouldn’t have to. The thousands of women and men who made the difficult choice to do so on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in op-eds, in blogs, in therapy offices, in intimate settings with friends, in…
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We’re All Sluts Now

GWYNETH PALTROW, ANGELINA Jolie and Ashley Judd – congratulations, and welcome to the fastest-growing club in America: women who are shamed and punished for their sexuality. You’re a big-name celebrity who was sexually harassed by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and then blamed for what you endured by so-called women’s rights champions like…
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Handling Harassment

It’s the story that refuses to die. A full 20 years after Peyton Manning was accused of sexual harassment by a female athletic trainer at the University of Tennessee, people are talking about it like it was yesterday. I already knew what a vast majority of sports media and fans…
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